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Listed on Bandcamp’s The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: March 2019 and featured on Bandcamp Weekly

4.5 out of 5 critic rating on AllMusic

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“This is improvisation-driven music, right at the corner of jazz and post-rock, but there are none of the showy, full-band misdirections that have become so typical of jazz today. And while the album’s title refers to Chinese Buddhism, these aren’t slow, numinous, incantatory sounds, either. Instead, what you get is happily in the middle and something increasingly rare today: group exploration with little flexing or hurry, electric guitar melodies that sound like open promises.” 


“..a succinct melodic perspective, but they express it in volleys. Sometimes, they let a phrase slowly fade into obscurity just before another volley is unleashed. That this music is both immediate and lingering creates a sensation of elasticity that gives the music a quality bordering on ethereal.”


“This is instrumental, improvisational music that deftly straddles the line between progressive jazz and experimental rock while firmly establishing the trio's own strong musical identity.”


“The latest album from the Chicago jazz trio Typical Sisters is full of understated beauty and unique musical choices…The compositions on Hungry Ghost are memorable to the point where they can often sound like long-lost standards.”


“The title track is an energetic and stirring tune that not only represents the rich tapestry of their sound, influenced by a wide variety of moods and genres ranging from improvisational music to Americana and beyond, but is also the result of their live studio session approach embellished by a post-production work ingeniously incorporating overdubs and track manipulations.” 


"..a lithe jazz trio who quietly dropped their impressive eponymous debut album in 2016 on the Ears & Eyes label. Uhlmann’s tone evokes an admixture of Bill Frisell and John Scofield as loping grooves coolly collide low-key funk with flashes of rustic Americana. The trio came together in 2009, and playing in fits and starts since then, they’ve developed a rapport that parlays a modern jazz ethos as inviting and warm as any improvised music I experienced last year. Sommers and Carroll provide a deceptively simple foundation for Uhlmann, sculpting loose, airy rhythms that are at once crystal clear and marvelously elastic" 


”Typical Sisters reside in a Venn diagram where instrumental indie rock, ECM guitar jazz, and players like Ribot and Frisell overlap.” 


“..improvisational freedom, the interrogation of pop structure and the willingness to follow an idea as long as it lasts. Their coming album Hungry Ghost is somewhere between a soundtrack and a story, and single “To The Landing” is a subtle and contemplative piece that starts like one of those slow-build Can songs and then unfolds into almost conversational melodic counterplay.”


“Connections to other artists can be easily drawn, from Tortoise and Can to Frisell and Cooder, but the years spent playing together's allowed the trio to alchemize influences into a Typical Sisters persona. In like manner, traces of rock, jazz, folk, krautrock, experimental, and minimalism surface in the nine tunes though blended so inextricably the results become genre-transcending.”